Amity Physical Therapy Ceo, Michael Dow, Guest Speaker At California Conference On Life Fitness – Woodbridge Town News

Amity Physical Therapy Ceo, Michael Dow, Guest Speaker At California Conference On Life Fitness  Woodbridge Town News

Oceanside California was the recent site of the Life Fitness First Annual Forum hosted by the renowned Titleist Performance Institute.  Michael Dow MSPT and CEO Clinical Director of Amity Physical Therapy was an invited guest speaker who presented his breakthrough concept of medically based fitness utilizing the comprehensive rehabilitation screening principles. Dow has developed a model that bridges the gap from formal physical therapy performance to the progressive, vital fitness workout programs now available for patients from all three Amity PT offices.

Dow explained his concept to the forum: “There’s always been a serious gap between therapy direct exercises for a patient’s return to function and regular exercise for general fitness and health. We’re closing that gap.  At Amity Physical Therapy, we established a Fitness Division within our facilities where rehab patients can progress to fitness programs designed specifically for each patient that provides a preventative strategy against future re-injury.

“We begin with a thorough screening of formal movement assessment allowing clinicians to look at movement from head to toe.  Screens reveal limitations of movement and other limiting weaknesses which helps prevent injury and ensure the ability to perform groups of exercises safely while optimizing performance and fitness goals.

“For example: you’re rehabbing from rotator cuff surgery or had a chronic low back condition that flares up from time to time, but want to return to distance running or group classes at the gym. How do you or trainer really know you are doing it properly and safely for your specific body needs?  Are there “hidden” joint restrictions or stability issues that don’t necessarily hurt, but leave a risk for injury or painful compensation?  After initial at- home therapy and more formal PT participation, the next progression should be a regimented and supervised Fitness Program undertaken by a staff of Certified Fitness Trainers (our “gap professionals”) who customize a workout program for each rehab patient; weight training, strengthening, conditioning, balance assessment… access to cutting edge equipment like the unique  Life Fitness Synrgy 360, even complete nutritional guidance to optimize health and performance.

“The model is not just an extension of treating a specific body part, but to look at movement holistically while driving fitness performance.  The two worlds often have different goals, but should be synergistic.  Our clients consist of all ages and disciplines, from scholastic athletes, runners, to weekend warriors – each benefitting from this supervised fitness program to avoid future injuries and to simply feel better and healthier life-long.”

Michael Dow MSPT founded Amity Physical Therapy 15 years ago and maintains offices in Woodbridge, Hamden and Branford. He received his degree from Sacred Heart University and is recognized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for his work with the national Multiple Sclerosis Society. He works with patients of all ages, pediatrics to geriatrics, as well as local high school and college athletes. Michael can be reached at 203-389-4593 or visit