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World’s Best Flashlight, Weighted Puffy Vest, Rugged Clog, and …  GearJunkie

LaceTrap Shoelace Keeper

No more double-knotting your shoelaces? A new product, the LaceTrap ($15), slots onto a shoe, holds the loose ends, and bows tight to your foot. The simple solution was made for runners tired of stopping mid-race to retie, and also to “drastically decrease the chance of your tripping over your laces” while on the move.

PYVOT Dash Vest

Like a weighted blanket that you can wear, a new product from PYVOT looks like a down-baffled vest. But in its fabric folds is a density made to give the zip-up some serious heft. In its largest size, the Dash Vest ($245) weighs more than 7 pounds. It fits close to the body “like a gentle hug,” the company touts. Beyond its potential calming effect, PYVOT notes the design can promote better posture or add resistance with its weight as you exercise.

Fenix PD35R Rechargeable Flashlight

The Fenix PD35R ($120) is the latest version of one of our favorite flashlights on the market. In our experience, this model’s predecessor offers unbeatable runtime, a searingly bright 1,700-lumen high setting, and a durable case. According to Fenix, the updated version boasts improved runtime, USB-C charging, and a maximum beam distance of 1,158 feet. It’s difficult to fathom how the best flashlight in existence could get even better but cheers to Fenix for striving for excellence.

Filson x Ten Thousand Midweight Tech Hoodie

This week, outdoor outfitter Filson and activewear brand Ten Thousand announce a second annual collaboration. Last year’s limited-edition collection sold out in one day, and this year’s brings back several of the same styles, plus a few new options with fresh colorways. Every piece in the collection — including the pictured Midweight Tech Hoodie ($135) is “inspired by the heroic stories of first responders and wildland firefighters.” In line with this claim, the brands prioritized durability in harsh outdoor conditions. The Tech Hoodie is made from a “moisture-wicking” cotton and synthetic blend that’s been treated to resist stains.

Muck Lightweight Clog

Foam clogs are revered for their comfort and versatility. Crocs may have popularized this style, but many brands have recently joined the party in an effort to perfect it. Muck’s new Muckster Lite Clog ($55) has more aggressive tread than most clogs, which should come in handy while tackling yard work. It’s constructed from a single piece of EVA foam, so there aren’t any seams to wear out or components to break. In the toe area, the foam is slightly thicker for added protection, and clusters of holes on either side provide ventilation and drainage. An “accredited independent third party” has certified that the Muckster will “properly biodegrade in bioreactor landfills.”

Liv Intrigue LT 2

If you’ve got the downhill chops for high speeds and big drops, a long-travel mountain bike is the steed for you. Most riders consider front forks with more than 120 mm of travel to be long — Liv’s new Intrigue LT 2 ($2,800) sets a new standard with a whopping 160 mm. Liv is known for its “for women by women” mountain bikes, and the Intrigue LT 2 has the burliest suspension of the bunch. Throw in another 150 mm of rear travel, and you’ve got a seriously rugged bike built for aggressive riding. The Liv Intrigue LT 2 is a “mullet” bike: It has a 29-inch wheel up front for rolling over boulders and a 27.5-inch wheel in the back for quick nimble turning.

Shaun White Whitespace ASPENX LE Freestyle Pro

Ahead of the upcoming 2023 Aspen X Games, Shaun White drops his latest pro model snowboard via his namesake brand, Whitespace. The LE Freestyle Pro ($1,500) was designed in collaboration with ASPENX, a high-end retailer recently created by the owners of Aspen Snowmass ski resort. White’s personal snowboard specifications — including camper profile and sidecut radius — have been developed over several decades at the cutting edge of snowboarding. The LE Freestyle Pro was built to match these exact specs. A limited run of 50 boards is available now.

Saucony Endorphin Elite

When Saucony first launched in the late 1800s, most running footwear was not foot specific — the right shoe was identical to the left. Ouch! A lot has changed, but Saucony has remained at the top of the game for 125 years. To commemorate this achievement, the brand drops the Endorphin Elite ($275), a neon-green marathon shoe with plenty of muscle and rebound. According to the brand, the Elite’s fork-shaped underfoot carbon plate helps with propulsion, while the lightweight profile enables effortless pickup. Men’s and women’s sizes are available.

Orbitkey Key Organizer

Since Orbitkey’s successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013, the brand has continued to improve and refine its flagship product. A simple yet handy everyday carry key organizer, the Orbitkey ($25-45) turns your jumbled keychain into a svelte Swiss Army knife of keys. Compared to most key-carrying methods, the Orbitkey is designed to sit comfortably in a pocket and decrease wear on your pants or purse. It can hold numerous keys at once, and they’re quick and easy to sort through in a pinch. Now, the Orbitkey is available in leather or soft rubber-like TPU with lots of color options including Sea Foam, Island Green, and Cocoa Rose.

Inspired by the curves and contours of 1940s American fighter jets, Meier’s latest snowboard sports bold psychedelic cowboy graphics and a unique camber profile. Between the rider’s feet, the Outlaw ($649) has a V-shaped rocker shape designed to boost maneuverability and float in powder. A dash of more traditional camber underfoot should come in handy for more aggressive riding styles and icy conditions. It’s billed as an all-mountain unisex board, and the top sheet graphic by Mr. Melty is one of the standouts of the season.