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Translucent Clogs, Professional Pee Bottle, Lightest E-Foil and …  GearJunkie Fitness App

Touted as a “Pokémon Go”-like experience, the app (launched this month) gamifies fitness. Runners and bikers can now play a “community-based game of turf war” from a phone-based interface.

You stake claim to territories and compete against individuals or teams. Workout stats and fitness goals are tracked alongside the gamified aerobic sessions. The app, launched by a recent college grad, has raised $1 million in funding from the University of Kentucky and Niantic (parent company of “Pokémon Go”), among other backers.

FLITE Series 3 Ultra L E-Foil

The young sport of electric hydrofoil surfing continues to evolve, and available equipment is rapidly improving. FLITE’s new Series 3 line of e-foils includes the Ultra L ($13,195), the “world’s lightest performance e-foil” at 49.6 pounds.

A 14-pound Flitecell battery powers the Ultra L and provides up to 45 minutes of foil time — or more when paired with the organic power of waves. The Ultra L’s propulsion system was designed by hydrodynamicists on three continents, and the brand claims that it generates “unparalleled smoothness and safety.”

E-foil riding comes with a steep learning curve — hopefully, the Ultra L can prevent a few riders from taking ultra Ls.

LyfeFuel Nutrition Essentials Bars

Lyfefuel believes the process of choosing healthy food products is far too complex and misleading. To counteract this trend, the brand’s products represent a “holistic and personalized approach” to nutrition.

The new Nutrition Essentials protein bar ($4 per bar) is made from plant-based whole foods including pumpkin, spinach, shitake mushroom, and turmeric. Like most brands, Lyfe Fuel claims superiority over the competition.

To some degree, a quick look at the nutrition facts validates its assertion. All of the ingredients are familiar, though several are atypical for a protein bar. The bar is available in Fudgy Brownie and Lemon Ginger flavors.

Nordica x Christy Sports Unleashed Outreach Ski

Nordica and Christy Sports team up to drop an extremely limited run of just 50 pairs of the custom-designed Unleashed Outreach ski ($1,000).

Created by four young women under the age of 22, all proceeds from these skis will benefit SOS Outreach, which helps underrepresented kids thrive through outdoor experiences. The entire cohort of creators are graduates of SOS, and the final design has themes of unity, recognition, and opportunity.

A compass rose logo on the ski bears the names of all four designers. The Unleashed Outreach ski is 108 cm long.

Ride1Up Revv1 E-Bike

E-bikes are proliferating like weeds, but very few offer the sophisticated styling of Ride1Up’s new Revv1 ($1,895 for hardtail, $2,395 for full suspension).

This sleek, wide-tired model is an aesthetic middle ground between classic motos and the battery-powered future. It sports front or full-suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, and a class 2 750W rear hub motor. The large singular headlight recalls vintage Triumph motorcycles.

Numerous add-ons are available including foot pegs, a storage rack, and a storage cage.

Cotopaxi Capa Hybrid Insulated Jacket

The Capa has been Cotopaxi’s flagship puffy for several years, but now the brand drops a lighter version with knit sleeves and side panels.

For cooler shoulder-season outings, a fully insulated puffy can feel sticky, sweaty, and excessive. The Hybrid Capa ($180) aims to promote core temperature regulation while still maintaining heat in key areas.

It’s lightly stuffed with 40 gsm of down-free Primaloft Gold P.U.R.E insulation, and it’s available in men’s and women’s styles.

GOT Bag Rolltop Backpack

GOT Bag’s Rolltop Backpack ($159) is made from 59% Ocean Impact Plastic harvested from waters off the northern coast of Java. Looks-wise, this is your typical sleek rolltop. Its layout is simple yet time-worn, with a 15-inch removable laptop sleeve, waterproof outer material, and 31 L of total volume.

GOT Bag emphasizes sustainability in its brand ethos, and every backpack is shipped overseas via “carbon-neutral” boat ride to keep the “ecological footprint as small as possible.”

Danskos Translucent Clogs

As servers, teachers, and nurses know, standing up all day can lead to foot pain and general discomfort.

Dansko clogs have long been the go-to solution to this problem in many industries. The Rocker profile is designed to fight fatigue and absorb shock, while the contoured PU midsole supports the foot’s natural arch.

Most Danskos come in neutral-looking black, but now the brand switches things up with flair. Dansko Professional Clogs ($135) come in various vibrant, translucent colors, including yellow/orange and the pictured blue/purple.

Ibex Woolies 1 Baselayers

No matter how fancy your outerwear looks, scratchy base layers can ruin a day on the slopes. Ibex is highly regarded for the soft, buttery texture of its merino wool base layers.

For a limited time, the brand re-releases one of the original designs that put Ibex on the map. Back by popular demand, the Woolies 1 Baselayers ($85-105) utilize a “rib knit” pattern that’s apparently the secret behind the ultra-cozy feel.

The Woolies have flat seams and a tagless care label to further eliminate irritation. Pants and tops are available in men’s, women’s, and kids’ sizes.

NOBULL Neon Training Shoes

Monochrome training shoes are fully in this year, and NOBULL climbs aboard the trend train with its new Neon Collection ($129).

Available in men’s and women’s sizes, these minimalist gym shoes have a one-piece “Superfabric” knit upper, and NOBULL claims it’s both breathable and abrasion-resistant.

The simple, circular lug pattern is designed for effective transitions between the indoors and out. Lateral and medial guards made of carbon aim to protect vulnerable areas of the feet and boost the shoe’s longevity.

Exped Megamat Auto Sleep Mat

Comfortable car-camping mattresses are wonderful, but inflating them is a chore. The worst-case scenario involves filling a behemoth pad using your own lung power, which entails hyperventilating into a plastic valve until you pass out.

A better option is the Exped MegaMat Auto Sleep Mat ($400), which partially self-inflates and comes with a compact-yet-effective pump to finish the job. The MegaMat has been one of our favorite inflatable camping mattresses for years, but the new Auto ups the stakes.

It’s specifically designed to fit Tesla Model X and Model Ys, but it’s also compatible with a wide range of trucks and compact SUVs.

PeeSport Mobile Pee Bottle

As George Washington probably once said, “When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go.”

From the Oregon Trail to Spring Break 2023, pee bottles are a staple of the road-trip experience. Oddly, the standard option has always been some long-forgotten Gatorade bottle from the depths of the trunk — until now.

PeeSport’s Mobile Pee Bottle is purpose-built to be peed in when a toilet or tree is not an option. The telescoping design expands the bottle’s capacity from 240 to 700 mL, which should keep you from experiencing the famous scene from Dumb and Dumber. The PeeSport is designed to work for anyone who pees. You can preorder now for $25.