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Mumbai Marathon 2020: 10 apps to help you train | BGR India  BGR India

The Mumbai marathon is not just an iconic event for the city, it is Asia’s largest marathon. The international event takes place this Sunday, on January 19, 2020 this year. The marathon that takes place on the third Sunday of every January features various categories of races.

If you’ve signed up for Mumbai Marathon 2020, chances are you’ve already been training for weeks. Whether you have been maintaining a healthy diet and a disciplined fitness regime, or have been trying to, you can never be too prepared. With less than a week to go, here are 10 fitness apps that will help you prepare for the marathon and keep up in shape.

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Nike Run Club

Nike’s own app dedicated to those on the run has a bunch of features to get you up on your feet. The app features GPS tracking and audio-guided runs. There are customised coaching plans that users can choose. Further, users can also set custom challenges on a weekly and monthly basis to keep themselves motivated. Nike Run Club also is completely compatible with all Apple watches and Wear OS devices.

Adidas Running App

If your allegiances are pledged with Adidas over Nike, this sports brand too has its own app that helps you track your runs. Powered by Runtastic, the app offers to track your activities, set goals and challenge yourself. There is a customizable dashboard, and a feature that lets your friends know your progress.


Strava is a no-nonsense fitness app, offering very to-the-point fitness features. The app is mainly for tracking your running and cycling activities. The mile counter feature turns your phone or smartwatch into an advanced tracker that calculates distance, speed, elevation gained and calories that you burnt on every run.


Freeletics is more than a tracking app. It is basically a mini-gym membership in your pocket. The widely used app offers custom training routines, bodyweight workout programs and a digital personal assistant to help you out. Guided workouts and audio-coaching are also a part of the app’s features. Further, if you pay, you get premium features like customized coaching programs and mindset audio training.


With a lot of apps targeted at tracking your progress, motivation and sharing your results, Calm is something different. The app reminds you to also give your body and mind the rest it deserves between those intense runs and workout sessions. The app features guided meditation sessions in varying lengths from 3 to 25 minutes, coupled with relaxing music and breathing programs. The sessions cover a bunch of topics including calming anxiety, improving focus, breaking habits and working on self-esteem.

Shilpa Shetty Yoga and Fitness

This yoga and fitness centred app is a part of an initiative by popular Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty. The app features yoga routines and easy-to-do home workout routines to help you keep your fitness in check. Targeted at the young and the working, the app also includes customised nutrition plans.


If you use an Apple Watch to track your fitness and health, a definitive must-have app is iHydrate. The app helps you keep your water intake in check. iHydrate makes sure you’re hydrating enough to make good use of all the diets and workouts. The app tracks how much you drink different fluids, including water, juice, tea, coffee, energy drinks, wine and beer. It also provides charts and reminders to keep you going. The app shows you simple daily targets of water intake that you will be reminded about.

If you’re looking for Android alternatives, you can use apps like Water Drink Reminder that offers similar functionality, including the ability to get notified on your wearable.


WeBurn is a fitness and workout app targeted at women. The app is targeted at the busiest of the busy and offers short 7-minute workout plans for women that are fun to do and motivating. The app is free, but you have the option of purchasing a premium membership that gets you more workout plans, music, and reminders, among other features.


Calisthenics is a major fitness element and definitely something to pay attention to if you’re preparing for any kind of race or marathon. Thenx is an app dedicated solely to Calisthenic training. The app offers you simple guided training programs designed by experts that will help you develop the core strength and movement you need to excel in workouts and physically demanding activities.

Street Workout App

Not a fan of staying connected to the web all the time? That doesn’t mean you have to give up on your fitness tracking. Street Workout App is a great app that offers you week-by-week programs for 3 or 6 months that are based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and High Intensity Circuit Training (HICT) based on what you need. What’s more, you take the entire tracking experience with you offline, so you don’t have to worry about losing coverage while training up in the mountains on your next vacation.

Bonus: Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020 App

The TMM 2020 app is a must-have for those training for the run this Sunday. The app does offer news and updates on everything related to Mumbai marathon 2020. What’s more? You get to see exactly how you compare to competitors in real-time during the marathon. The app lets you track your favorite runners by searching for their name or BIB number. You will then be able to track the progress of your favorite runners throughout the races.

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