19 Pairs of Socks Marathon Runners Swear By – Self

19 Pairs of Socks Marathon Runners Swear By  Self

Here are the running socks marathon runners swear by to keep their feet comfortable and avoid sweaty feet, chafing, and blisters on long runs.

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One of the first tips seasoned runners give beginners is to invest in a good pair of shoes to help you stay comfortable avoid getting hurt while training. However, once you start logging more miles, you’ll quickly learn that choosing the right pair of socks is important, too. In fact, I bet if you asked any distance runner, they’d get excited to talk to you about their favorite socks.

Quality socks can make all the difference when it comes to preventing blisters and running in sweaty shoes, especially if you live in a humid climate, like I do in Houston. For some runners, added cushioning or a specific sock height is also key to keeping their feet comfortable.

Here, professional and recreational marathon runners share the socks that keep their feet happy during long-distance training.

Jack Rabbit

Feetures ELITE Light Cushion No Show Tab Sock, $16

“These fit my feet really well, they’re comfortable to run in, and the compression is just right.”
Jennifer Montoya, runner in Houston

“These socks provide good grip around my feet, no matter the sport I’m engaging in, and keep my feet and toes warm, comfortable, and protected.”
Olivia Frempong, three-time World Marathon Majors runner, running coach, Zumba instructor, and ambassador for Black Girls RUN!.

“I love that these socks are snug but don’t cause blisters.”
Leticia Mosqueda, runner in New York City

Buy them: $16,


Balega Blister Resist No-Show Socks, $13

“These socks have lots of thick cushioning and are super comfortable and long-lasting.”
Jill Angie, host of the Not Your Average Runner Podcast

Buy them: $13,


Stance Distance Tab Socks, $14

“These socks are the right thickness for me, and I love the ankle tab in the back so I never have to worry about them disappearing and riding down into my shoe.”
Danielle Heffernan, runner in Jersey City, New Jersey

“I love the colors and how comfortable these socks are. I wear them for all of my workouts!”
, professional marathoner

“I love that these socks have a great true-to-size fit so that I don’t get blisters. They always feel great in the run, and hold up in rain or snow.”
Kellyn Taylor, professional marathoner

Buy them: $14,


Fitsok Tech Low-Cut Socks, $19-21

“I love these for everyday runs because they are very lightweight and are low cut, but are just high enough they don’t slip down my heels. They also come in a three-pack, which is great.”
Victoria Nolan, runner and certified personal trainer in Houston

Buy them: $19–$21,


Injinji Spectrum Sport Original Weight Crew, $16

“These mid-calf socks are the perfect length for me and they’re soft and durable.”
Lindsay White, runner in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Buy them: $16,

Pro Compression

PRO Compression Trainer Low Socks, $25

“I like these because they don’t lose their elasticity (and therefore don’t fall into my shoe on runs) and they hug my feet without any bulk.”
Katherine Culbert, runner in Houston

Buy them: $25,


SmartWool PhD Run Light Elite Low-Cut Socks, $18-23

“These dry quickly and do not stretch out of shape. I also like the thickness and cushioning.”
—Andrea Chan, runner in Houston

Buy them: $18–$23,


Swiftwick MAXUS ONE Socks, $13-15

“I love these socks for longer distances. They’re great for blister prevention and are very breathable (I’m a super sweater). These are the only socks I wear for runs longer than a half-marathon distance. They also come in different cushion levels and heights—my trail shoes come up higher on the back of my ankle, so I have specific pairs for the road versus trails.”
Staci Griffith Rogge, trail runner and ultra-marathoner in Richmond, Virginia

Buy them: $13–$15,


Champion Women’s Performance Low-Cut Socks, $7 for a six-pack

“I have been loving these socks, especially for longer runs and in preparation for my fall marathon training because they’re low cut but stay up and keep my ankles covered. These socks absorb moisture well, so even after 20 miles I’m still feeling dry. I am also a fan of black socks because they still look clean through a whole training cycle. I definitely plan to wear these for my marathon in Chicago this fall!”
Alexi Pappas, professional runner and filmmaker

Buy them: $7 for six,


Balega Hidden Comfort No-Show Running Socks, $13

“I love these for tempo runs and track workouts because they’re extremely lightweight and thin, which makes them perfect for my racing flats. Anything with added cushioning and layers is a dealbreaker for me.”
—Victoria Nolan, runner and certified personal trainer in Houston

“I love these because they keep my feet dry even in the most humid weather!”
Lindsay McClelland, runner and E-RYT 200 certified yoga instructor in Sarasota, Florida

“These are the best-fitting running socks I’ve found. When you have a larger-than-average foot size like I do, it can be hard to find socks that fit right.”
Jenelle Reinhart, runner in Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania

Buy them: $13,


Thorlo Experia XXCU Multi-Sport Socks, $15

“These socks provide lots of cushion and don’t give me blisters. I can’t feel the pavement as hard on my feet with these and wouldn’t wear anything else!”
Christy Martin Kenny, runner in Baltimore

Buy them: $15,


Injinji Women’s Run Lightweight No-Show Socks, $12

“Toe socks help me avoid the in-between toe blisters that otherwise plague me when I have too much room in the toe box of my shoes.”
Rachel Strong, runner in Houston

Buy them: $12, amazon.com


ASICS Quick Lyte Single Tab Socks, $15 for a three-pack

“I love these socks because they are super soft, but thin enough to be very breathable and keep my feet cool. They don’t feel bulky when I’m running and I like the tab on the back that keeps my Achilles tendons from rubbing against my shoes.”
Sara Hall, professional marathoner

Buy them: $15 for three,


WrightSock CoolMesh II Tab Running Socks, $18-26 for a two-pack

“These have two layers, which helps prevent blisters, but they’re also thin and lightweight, making them great for summer running.”
Jill Angie, host of the Not Your Average Runner Podcast

Buy them: $18-$26 for a two-pack,


Zensah Shakeout Mini Crew Socks, $15

“These socks provide light compression around the ankles, but are low enough that they’re not too hot in southern weather. The length also helps keep the sweat out of your shoes longer in the Florida humidity. Plus, they come in fun patterns and prints!”
—Holly Batchelder, runner in Jacksonville, Florida

“I love that these ankle socks never feel sweaty.”
—Allison Goldstein, runner in New York City

Buy them: $15,


Tiux Performance OTC Compression Socks, $17

“I love these for compression. They don’t squeeze my muscular calves as much as other brands and the designs are the cutest.”
Lindsay McClelland, runner and E-RYT 200 certified yoga instructor in Sarasota, Florida

Buy them: $17,


Bombas Ankle Socks, $12

“These are cushion-y, yet don’t suffocate my feet.”
Kelly Glista-Anderson, runner in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Buy them: $12,


PRO Compression Marathon Socks, $50

“I swear by these socks. A few years ago, I had an Achilles injury that was caused by overly tight calves. After being sidelined for about four months, I tried these and they have been my go-to calf support through some of my toughest training cycles. The breathable fabric and bright colors are also a plus, as is the fact that I’ve been blister-free since I started wearing these. They have been a game changer!”
Angela Dobbins, runner in Houston

Buy them: $50,


Saucony XP Superlite Sock, $18 for a two-pack

“These socks are thin, which I like because I don’t like my feet being squished by a thicker one. The fit on these is great and close for good blister prevention.”
Molly Huddle, American half marathon and 10K record holder

Buy them: $18 for two,