Road running: Johnny Sokoll, Olga Kosichenko are top turkeys in 73rd Lou Marli Run –

Road running: Johnny Sokoll, Olga Kosichenko are top turkeys in 73rd Lou Marli Run

Johnny Sokoll wanted to come to the 73rd Lou Marli Run “with his friends, and have some fun”

The 19-year-old Wagner College sophomore out of St. Peter’s HS, broke away from his “friends” with a mile to go and captured the renowned race in 15 minutes, 6 seconds over the flat 5,000-meter course at Clove Lakes Park.

Olga Kosichenko repeated as Marli champion, dominating the field en route to a 17:20 clocking.

Sokoll has improved drastically under the tutelage of Wagner College coach Joe Stasi, and he sat in a pack of five through the first half of the race.

With a mile to go, on a gradual downhill, he moved, and “I expected people to come with me.” They didn’t, and Sokoll was home free.

Second was an ex-teammate, Mahmoud Abdalla, who said, “He went, and I didn’t go.”

Third was another Wagner sophomore, Mike Ryan, who said, “When he (Skoll) made the move, I didn’t have it. The pack strung our really quickly.”

Olga Kosichenko was the runaway winner among the ladies in the 73rd Lou Marli Run. (Staten Island Advance/George Kochman)

Kosichenko, one of the country’s best middle-distance runners, showed she can run some distance.

“The weather was perfect, and it was great out there,” she said, adding, “I wish I had someone near to push me. You come here, and never know who is going to show up.”

Melissa Kraker, the Triple Crown winner this year, was second, heeding the advice of her Staten Island A.C. teammate Doug Auer.

“I was doing all the work in second, and Doug told me to just sit on the other girl (Mallory Meyers). I did and outkicked her in the last 100 yards.”

Meyers, one of the seven Meyers children from Haverford, Pa. was a good third. The eighth grader is the daughter of former St. Peter’s HS star Greg Meyers, who was back for the family holiday.

NOTES: Nearly 1,000 runners competed under ideal weather conditions — cool, little wind …. Race director Steve Zimmermann and co-director Brian Rowan received a great deal of help from the Staten Island A.C., the Brighton Kiwanis Club, and three high schools doing community service — Notre Dame Academy, Susan Wagner and McKee/S.I. Tech.

73rd Lou Marli Run

3 Miles- Clove Lakes Park

Male Overall

1. Johnny Sokoll 15:06

2. Mahmoud Abdalla 15:35

3. Michael Ryan 15:42

4. Demetrie Meyers 15:54

5. Mike Cassidy 16:15

Female Overall

1. Olga Kosichenko 17:20

2. Melissa Kraker 19:00

3. Mallory Meyers 19:02

4. Dara Filut 19:09

5. Nicole Macri 19:37

Male Age Groups

19 and Under

1. Johnny Sokoll

2. Michael Ryanm

3. Demetrie Meyers


1. Mahmoud Abdalla

2. Shane Kimball

3. Desire Mia


1. Sam Mondello

2. Roman Nersesyan

3. Luke Jackson


1. Kenneth Downing

2. Matthrew Hogan

3. Ian Tabolt


1. Mike Cassidy

2. Ange Confesor

3. Kevin Donofrio


1. Chris Calimano

2. Jomart Jolboshev

3. Doug Auer


1. David Michaels

2. Carlos Pineiro

3. Jose Davila


1. David Whitehouse

2. Pat Mooney

3. Kevin Adamo


1. Michael Soholl

2. Peter Lewis

3. Alexander Rylyakov


1. Mario Ricca

2. Gus Stanzione

3. Lee Boody


1. Mario Rene Reyes

2. Raymond Rivera

3. Joe Vaccaro


1. Don Kenny

Female Age Groups

19 and Under

1. Mallory Meyers

2. Maeve Heck

3. Genevieve Pantaleo


1. Olivia Jaenicke

2. Dlaudia Morano

3. Emuly Murray


1. Nicole Macri

2. Katie Clark

3. Nicole Maliborska


1. Samantha Siderow

2. Caitlin Hogan

3. Kat Morano


1. Olga Kosichenko

2. Nicole Donofrio

3. Jasmine Acso


1. Dara Giluy

2. Cynthis Ranelt

3. Cathy Bottalico


1. Melissa Kraker

2. Kristen Copary

3. Melissa Weiner


1. Kathleen Heck

2. Marybeth Gallagher

3. Susan Crowdell


1. Joann Rosiello

2. Lisa Lubarsky


1. Karen Walsh

2. Elizabeth Morano

3. Charlene Mohammed


1. Antonella Eramo

2. Rachel Garrell

3. Eileen Mitchell

70 and Over

1. Kathy Truscelli

2. Jan Gross

3. Angela Conte

Boys 7-10 400m

1. Robert Genco

2. Timothy Kliesch

3. Sal Rivelli

Girls 7-10 400m

1. Kalina Witt

2. Madelyn Taglianetti

3. P.J. Lamberti

Boys 11-12 800m

1. Aveishan Pakeerathan

2. Preston Chin

3. Paul Carofarii

Girls 11-12 800m

1. Salimall Vale

2. Emma Cardello

3. Miahlee Vega

Boys 13-14 Mile

1. Tristan Acevedo

2. Adam Zarrilli

Girls 13-14 Mile

1. Gabriella Mitchell

2. Giuliana Collegio