Randmark’s chosen ones ready for the tough 161km race – Randfontein Herald

Randmark’s chosen ones ready for the tough 161km race  Randfontein Herald

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Eleven Randmark cyclists are set to take on the challenging Race to the Sun – a 161km (100 mile) journey starting at Hartbeespoort Die Oewer and finishing at Sun City on Saturday, 8 May.

According to Lee Kotze, the club spokesperson, all those brave enough to compete have been practising for months in advance and had put in the dedication for the big day. They even went as far as cycling long distances from Vereeniging and Parys to prepare.

“We have quite a number of riders who will be doing this for the first time; me included,” Lee said.

She added that some of the participants are strictly runners but were eager to take on a new and big challenge.

The duration of the ride is expected to be between six and nine hours, depending on a person’s fitness level.

Jan Kotze, the club chairperson, who has done the challenge before will be riding again this year. He said he uses a technique called Long Slow Distance, or LSD, which can be very useful for long-distance rides.

Charlene Beukman, Marius van Tonder and Thinus Forbes are ready for a ride challenge Photo: Tumi Riba.

“It is not so much about the strength and speed, but more about the endurance, which means that you’ll start slowly, steadily adjusting yourself,” he said.

He went on to say that on the day, riders should make sure they take in enough nutrients; most importantly water (fluids).

“You may not necessarily feel like having a glass of water when you start the race, but the rule is that you have to drink water right from the start,” Kotze said.

He also warned of cramps and recommended that riders pack supplements, including electrolytes.

Marius van Tonder, who has been preparing for the race for months now said he developed a training routine.

“I practise around one and half to two hours a day, three to fours times a week.”

The other riders who will participate are Yolandi Botha, Charlene Beukman, Thinus Forbes, Anton Coetzee, Karin Bezuidenhout, Lizeth Rowan, Carel Pienaar and Jan Hendrik Visser.