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Gorilla Mode Pre Workout Review: Real Reviews With Before and After Results  Dailyuw

This is an impartial review of Gorilla Mode Pre workout supplement. We have reviewed and compared it to some other pre workout supplement brands.  

Gorilla Mode Pre Workout Review Summary – Quick Look

There is no doubt that Gorilla Mode is a good pre workout supplement, it has good credentials. In our opinion there are few better pre workout supplements that we would recommend over and above.

  1. CrazyNutrition Intensive PreTrain – Best Pre Workout Overall

  2. Powher – Best Pre Workout for Women

  3. 4 Gauge – Best PreWorkout for Men

Gorilla Mode Pre Workout Supplements

Gorilla Mode is a popular pre-workout supplement distributed by Gorilla Mind.

As is generally the case with pre-workouts, Gorilla Mode is produced in the form of a powder. You mix it with water and consume it as a pre-workout drink.

The problem with most pre-workouts is the lack of flavor choices. When you are limited to only one or two choices, after a while, things can get stale.

That’s not going to be an issue if you decide to train in Gorilla Mode. The pre workout supplement has 11 fruity flavor options and some of them are pretty unusual.

So, if you get tired of standard-type flavors such as mango peach and cherry blackout, you can switch to something more exotic like firefly lemonade, mojo mojito, or jungle juice.

In this review, we are going to take a look at all the pros and cons of using Gorilla Mode pre-workout. By the time you finish reading, you should have the information you need to decide if it’s the best pre-workout for your needs.

We’re guessing it will be because it gets such rave customer reviews. After having evaluated the formulation, that does not come as a surprise. It’s incredibly good.

Much of this review will focus on the Gorilla Mode ingredients and the things that they can do. As with all our reviews, it’s going to be very much science-based and reference many studies. We will provide links to these at the bottom of the page.

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What Is Gorilla Mode Pre Workout

Gorilla Mode is a pre-workout supplement. Its main function is to improve training capability. Regardless of whether you are lifting heavy in a gym, speeding around a track, or doing some other cardiovascular activity, Gorilla Mode will help you turn up the intensity and make every second count.

Although this is not its primary function, Gorilla Mode may also provide improvements in strength. They should also be enhancements to intramuscular hydration and nitrogen retention.

Easily one of the fastest-acting pre-workouts on the market, you should notice the benefits of Gorilla Mode kicking in within only a few minutes of taking.

Thanks to the inclusion of ingredients such as creatine, L-citrulline, agmatine, and betaine, your muscles will get a vastly superior supply of blood. In addition to helping you to train harder and longer, all that extra blood will also enable you to enjoy phenomenal pumps.

Gorilla Mind also has expertise in producing nootropic supplements so it’s, perhaps, not surprising, that its pre-workout has nootropic ingredients in it too – and it’s not a bad idea.

Training to build a better physique or improve performance in sports takes a lot out of you. It’s as challenging for the mind as it is for the body and you will never be able to get the best from your workouts if you are not feeling mentally sharp.

So, don’t be surprised when you see a few unlikely inclusions when you begin learning about the Gorilla Mode ingredients and the things that they can do.

Primary Benefits

  • Boost strength and endurance

  • Increase energy levels

  • Enhance focus and mental sharpness

How to Use Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout

Depending on your preference and the way you respond to the product, you can either take one scoop of Gorilla Mode before training or double up to two. That’s the maximum, though. Never go higher than that.

However, when you are new to the product, it’s a good idea to begin with only half a scoop and see how you respond.

The best way to mix the drink is to combine it with water in a shaker. You could stir it into a large glass of water instead but shaking is better because it reduces the chances of clumping and helps to improve the texture.

Ingredient Profile

Each (1-scoop) serving of Gorilla Mode pre-workout powder provides 12 key ingredients in the following quantities:

  • L-Citruline (4500 mg)

  • Creatine monohydrate (2500 mg)

  • GlycerPump (1500 mg)

  • Malic acid (1500 mg)

  • Betaine anhydrous (1250 mg)

  • L-Tyrosine (750 mg)

  • Agmatine sulfate (500 mg)

  • Kanna (250 mg)

  • Caffeine anhydrous (175 mg)

  • N-phenethyl dimentylamine citrate (175 mg)

  • Bioperine (5 mg)

  • Huperzine A (200 mcg)

The thing to point out here is these are very generous doses. There has been no skimping or cutting of corners. It’s easy to see Gorilla Mind has formulated its pre-workout to provide results over profit.

That’s always a good way to go. It’s the results that get people talking and bring in fresh customers via word of mouth. Most manufacturers don’t get that. It’s obvious Gorilla Mind does.

What Do the Ingredients Do?

L-Citrulline (4500 mg)

L-citrulline is an amino acid that’s often associated with watermelons because they are such a good source.

You’d have to stuff your face with a lot of watermelon to get as much L-citrulline as this. Gorilla Mode provides more of it than any of the alternative options

L-citrulline boosts nitric oxide (NO). This relaxes the blood vessels (vasodilation) and improves circulation, helping your muscles get a superior delivery of blood.

The blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. When they get extra oxygen, the muscles can be worked harder before lactic acid builds up and brings activity to a stop.

The extra nutrients are also valuable because they enhance muscle growth and repair.

However, there is no need to take our word for it. Research proves L-citrulline’s ability to enhance performance during exercise and accelerate muscle recovery. [1]

Creatine Monohydrate (2500 mg)

This is another excellent inclusion provided in a very generous dose. If you don’t already know how good creatine is, where have you been? There is plenty of talk about its value and a mountain of evidence that proves it works.

Creatine not only excels at boosting performance during exercise; it can deliver formidable increases in muscle mass and strength as well and has a first-rate safety profile.

Although there are other forms of creatine, creatine monohydrate is the best so it’s great to see Gorilla Mind is using it here.

The International Society of Sports Nutrition only has good things to say about Creatine and, as part of a 9-point position stand, points out its value as a nutritional alternative to potentially dangerous anabolic drugs. [2]

GlycerPump (1500 mg)

GlycerPump is an advanced form of glycerol that delivers more glycerol per gram than regular glycerol powders.

When combined with water, even standard glycerol powders can hyper-hydrate the muscles.

Studies show glycerol is so good at this that it can cause the body to retain an extra liter or more of water.

Hydrating the muscles in this way results in significant improvements in physical performance. It also makes the muscles less susceptible to injuries during training. [3, 4]

Malic Acid (1500 mg)

Malic acid (L-malic) is a compound that’s often sourced from apples and pears. Like many of Mother Nature’s gifts, it has value in several areas and is a key component of many skincare products.

Gorilla Mind is using malic acid here because it boosts sports performance. Research suggests much of its ability to do this may be due to the important role it plays in generating mitochondria ATP.

Malic acid further enhances training capability by fighting fatigue. [5]

It’s not unusual to see malic acid included alongside creatine monohydrate, just as it is here. This is an efficacious combination. In addition to enhancing performance, it has also been shown to trigger the release of growth hormones. [6]

Betaine Anhydrous (1250 mg)

Betaine anhydrous provides betaine. It’s a chemical that’s naturally occurring in the body. Certain foods, such as beets and spinach, are good for providing regular top-ups.

Research conducted on strength-trained men proves betaine has value as a performance booster. Data from the same study also shows the compound can support improvements in bench press capacity, arm size, and body composition. [7]

L-Tyrosine (750 mg)

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L-tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid. The body uses it to build muscle but that’s not its main value here.

L-tyrosine also reduces stress and supports improvements in cognitive function. It has value as a pre-workout ingredient because its presence may make it easier to retain optimum focus during training. [8]

Agmatine Sulfate (500 mg)

Agmatine sulfate provides agmatine. Among other things, it’s an NO booster. It’s not got the same reputation as L-citrulline but no worries there. It’s included here in addition to it, not instead of it, and will contribute to the supplement’s ability to deliver good pumps.

Research shows agmatine also reduces pain and inflammation. This ability appears to be largely due to its ability to manipulate pain receptors. Regardless of the mechanics involved, it may help take that famous bodybuilding saying about “no pain, no gain” and turn it on its head. [9]

Kanna (250 mg)

Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) is a succulent plant. It provides compounds that lower stress and improve mood. If your training is getting you down, Kanna may help. [10]

Caffeine Anhydrous (175 mg)

The most popular stimulant in the world, caffeine is renowned for its ability to boost energy, fight fatigue, and enhance mental focus. Its presence adds much value to the Gorilla Mode pre-workout formulation. [11]

The amount provided by a scoop of Gorilla Mode is slightly less than you would get from a couple of cups of coffee, so it’s not overly high. However, in this formulation, it’s not going it alone. Gorilla Mode contains additional stimulants as well.

N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate (175 mg)

A stimulant taken from the Eria Jarensis plant. It’s often compared to DMAA or AMP Citrate but is not so hardcore.

It’s possible to buy Eria Jarensis as a standalone supplement. Some people with experience using it claim it produces a euphoric effect while improving cognition.

There is no evidence to support this claim but, if it is true, this Gorilla Mind ingredient could support a more pleasurable workout experience.

Bioperine (5 mg)

Bioperine is a brand of black pepper extract that’s present in many supplements. However, its role is mainly supportive. It’s an excellent bioavailability enhancer.

Black pepper provides piperine. However, standard extracts are less than 10% piperine. In the case of Bioperine, the piperine content is standardized to be at least 95%.

Piperine doesn’t only boost the absorption of supplement ingredients. It can do the same for drugs too. Research shows it typically increases the bioavailability of drugs from 30% to 200%. [12]

Huperzine A (200 mcg)

Huperzine A is a popular nootropic ingredient that’s sourced from a species of moss. It’s an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.

Drugs and natural compounds that fall into this class prevent the breakdown of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine.

Adequate acetylcholine is necessary for good memory. It also supports mental clarity and concentration. By preventing its breakdown, Huperzine A helps you to retain a greater capacity in all these areas. It’s a good ingredient that has the potential to help keep you mentally sharp in the gym.

The results of one study show huperzine A delivered a 58% improvement in memory and cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients. [13

Gorilla Mode Customer Reviews?

Customer reviews are excellent, right across the board. If there is anyone who does not like this pre-workout they are keeping it to themselves.

In addition to praising Gorilla Mode for its ability to improve mental focus and training capability, many customers say they like the taste. There are also plenty reports about its ability to provide better pumps.

Gorilla Mode Side Effects

Side effects don’t appear to be an issue with this product but they cannot be ruled out because the formulation provides high doses of nootropic compounds along with stimulants like caffeine and huperzine A.

If you are worried side effects may be an issue, the best thing to do is begin with half-scoop servings. Taking a lesser dose like this will give you the chance to check your response to the product.

Be aware the chances of side effects will greatly increase if you use Gorilla Mode alongside other supplements. Especially ones that provide stimulants.

It’s also a good idea to avoid drinking caffeinated beverages such as energy drinks, certain sodas, and coffee.

Where to Buy Gorilla Mode – Purchasing Options and Considerations

You can only buy Gorilla Mode pre-workout supplements from the official Gorilla Mind website.

However, it’s reasonably inexpensive and Gorilla Mind’s decision to handle all sales in-house prevents greedy middle-men suppliers from monkeying around with the price.

Gorilla Mode provides 40 (1-scoop / 15.425g) servings per tub so, if you are only taking one scoop pre-workout, it’s going to last a long time. Especially if you are only training three or four times per week.

Obviously, you will see the bottom of the tub staring back at you a little sooner if you take two scoops instead of one, but you should still be able to fit in more than a month’s worth of workouts per tub.

At just under $50 per tub, that’s a pretty good deal and it can get even better when you take advantage of the Gorilla Mind 3-tub discount. That shaves a little over $3 off the price of each tub.

Alternative Pre Workout Supplements

CrazyNutrition Pre Train is an excellent alternative for people that want a hype-free “does what it says on the tin” pre workout supplement.


Gorilla Mode Pre Workout Review Conclusion

Early on in this Gorilla Mode pre-workout review, we told you we were going to put a lot of focus on the ingredients and explaining the things that they can do.

Unless you have skipped that section, and we hope that you did not, you should now find it easier to understand why Gorilla Mode has such good customer reviews.

All the ingredients bring something of value to the table. There is no dead weight. More importantly, there is plenty of scientific proof that shows the value of every inclusion. You can find links to our research sources posted below.

A lot of supplement companies just bang as many stimulants into their formulations as they can and call them pre-workouts. Gorilla Mind is playing a very different game and it’s playing to win. Its Gorilla Mode pre-workout boosts energy, fights fatigue, enhances focus, and even has the potential to help prevent muscle damage, speed up post-workout healing, and aid muscle growth.

There is no doubt that Gorilla Mode is a decent pre workout supplement. It is well dosed and customer reviews are good.

Our opinion though, positions Crazy Nutrition Intensive Pre Train ahead.

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