Dos and don’ts of running a 25 km marathon – The Indian Express

Dos and don’ts of running a 25 km marathon  The Indian Express

While participants prepare for marathons throughout the year, the final month is when you need to put in all your efforts such that by the end of the month, you feel confident that you can complete your run injury-free. Rahul Airan, a marathoner and founder of North Kolkata Runners (NKR), who will be seen in action at Tata Steel Kolkata 25K on December 18, said that long-distance running is not just about running, it’s a lifestyle.

“One should focus not only on their training but also on eating right and proper resting,” said Rahul while sharing a one-month training plan to help fellow runners. “This plan is dynamic and can be adapted by all runners irrespective of their running distance. Follow this plan and get ‘runners’ high’ at the end of the event,” Rahul said.

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First week

Any week-long-running plan should be sustainable for the body. The idea is to gradually increase the mileage instead of pushing it to the extreme in a single go so that body can adapt to the new regimen. Start with two interval-running (slow-fast run), one tempo run, and one long slow distance along with some stretching like yoga.

Here are some effective tips (Photo by Getty Images)

Second week

The intensity of the run is tougher than week one and gradually increasing your mileage by 15-20 per cent during tempo runs, interval training, and long slow distance runs, will help to increase your endurance. “Remember to hydrate and consume electrolytes while running. Post runs, you should have good carbs like sweet potatoes etc,” he said.

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He also advised that runners should immediately change their clothes post run to avoid “cold and cough in this changing season”.

Third week

This is the last week for hard training with regards to tempo runs, interval training, and long slow distance. This week you have to increase the mileage by 20 per cent along with a thumb rule of 80 per cent for long distances, that is run at least once for 20 kms (80 per cent of 25kms) to make yourself ready for race day.

Fourth week

This final week is also called taper down week where you just need to allow your muscles to rejuvenate from the fatigue.


– This week, pamper your body by way of a good massage, and healthy food, and carry out very short high intense workouts – don’t give too much stress to your body with long workouts.
– Try to avoid junk food (home cooked food is preferable).
– Eat, sleep, and hydrate is the mantra for this week.
– Increase salt intake entire week to help you avoid cramps during the event.
– Attending the race expo is a must as it sets the mood for the event. “It’s the time and place to meet and greet your runner friends.

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As for the race day

– DO NOT try anything new on race day with regards to shoes or food.
– Stick to your basic plan of pace.
– There will be ample water station, electrolytes, and route support.


“Don’t think too much on race day. Just believe in yourself and in your training. Go and enjoy the run,” said Rahul.

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