Weav unveils adaptive audio workout tool for runners – endurancebusiness.com

Weav unveils adaptive audio workout tool for runners  endurancebusiness.com

Weav Music has unveiled ‘the industry’s first audio workout technology that adapts both music and voice coaching to a runner’s location and performance in real time.

Weav Music is an ‘audio innovation lab helmed by Google Maps co-founder Lars Rasmussen and marketing visionary Elomida Visviki.’ A selection of running workouts built with the new technology is now available in the Weav Run app, and the technology is available for license by fitness companies.

Trainers can record detailed running classes that include live duration and pace cues. These vary in length and content based on the runner’s pace. The new voice technology is included in Weav’s fitness-focused adaptive music platform, which ‘dynamically remixes music from 60-240 bpm to match an individual’s movement without altering the integrity of a song.’

“We built Weav to change the way we enjoy recorded music,” said Elomida Visviki, Weav’s Co-Founder and CEO.

“When your favourite song syncs to your steps — the moment you’re running, dancing or playing a video game — the listening experience is transformed into something more powerful and intense. And it makes exercise a lot more fun.”

She continued, “We’ve used the same innovative techniques to take audio workouts to a new level by matching the trainer’s instructions to the runner’s performance on the fly. A dynamic playback combined with adaptive audio techniques allow your favourite instructor to guide you through the workout based on your personal performance.

“It’s like having both the band and the coach running with you, encouraging you to go further, faster.”


Lars Rasmussen, Weav’s Co-Founder and CTO, said “Instructor-led, music-driven online workouts have become increasingly popular, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting gym closures.

“But today’s audio workouts are limited to pre-recorded voice instructions and static background music that sound the same for every person, every time. Using Weav’s technology, a trainer can create a unique workout experience including distance-based intervals, live duration and pace audio cues in their natural voice, and other novel personalizations.

“And of course, our adaptive music automatically syncs to the runner’s feet so every step lands on the beat.”

With Weav Run Workouts, instructors record classes in nearly the same way they do today, but the workout engine plays back their instructions dynamically based on the runner’s pace and movement.

Instructors can record pace and distance cues specific to each class, and specify a set of statistics and personalized messages to present to runners during and after their runs, all to encourage better performance.

In addition to time-based intervals, trainers can also include distance-based intervals that runners can complete in their own time. Weav adds that this isn’t possible in apps limited to static audio because each athlete must complete the workout in the exact same amount of time.

Workouts also include Weav’s adaptive music technology. Runners can choose their own music from Weav’s library or let the app choose it for them. As they run, the tempo of the songs automatically changes with the runners’ movements to stay in sync with their steps. Weav also lets runners change, shuffle and skip through songs, without interfering with the coach’s instructions.