Today in Gear: In-the-Know on New Releases – Gear Patrol

Today in Gear: In-the-Know on New Releases  Gear Patrol

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Hydrate Faster With The Yuzu Pineapple Energy Multiplier From Liquid I.V.

Powered by Cellular Transport Technology (CTT), Liquid I.V.’s convenient hydration packs are designed to enhance rapid water absorption and deliver key ingredients straight into your bloodstream. Now, its Yuzu Pineapple Energy Multiplier is equipped to offer fans reliable energy in a new refreshing flavor. The proprietary energy blend harnesses sustainably sourced, natural coffee berry energy extract alongside a synergistic 2:1 L-Theanine to caffeine ratio to provide controlled, balanced energy. With approximately 100 mg of natural caffeine, this new formula can offer users about the same amount of caffeine as that found in one to two eight ounce cups of coffee. Formulated with five essential vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B12 and vitamin C), each packet is designed to deliver physical energy and a cognitive boost without the crash.

Wave Goodbye to Sunburned Arms

Outdoor Research’s ActiveIce Full-Finger Sun Sleeves are a great piece of gear for long distance bikers, runners and hikers. Moisture-wicking and thermoregulating, the gloves boast UPF 50+ (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) and are made of the brand’s ActiveTemp fabric. The ActiveIce material is designed to adjust to your body’s temperature, to cool you down when you need it most. Made from 92% recycled polyester, the gloves currently retail for $39.

Gomorrah Launches Compostable Menswear

Gomorrah built its brand around creating ethically sourced menswear. Historically, the brand has used purely plant-based and organic materials; but now, it’s taking it up a notch. The brand has now teased an entire collection of vegan-friendly, compostable menswear. This collection is said to be the world’s first 100 percent compostable range of luxury men’s shirts, with pieces retailing from $45 to $200.

Our Legacy Workshop Releases Technical Running Gear

Much like Carhartt WIP or a sub brand “lab”, Our Legacy Workshop is where the brand focuses on collaborations, and slightly more experimental collections. This time around, the team linked up with MAJO TECH and SATISFY RUNNING to create a full collection of lightweight technical running gear. Fans can find hooded running jackets and shorts made from Italian technical fabrics (thanks to MAJO TECH) as well as muscle tees, long and short sleeve shirts designed with the Parisian brand SATISFY RUNNING. Clothing runs from $92 to $286, with water bottles also available for $30.

Breathe Easy with This Eco-Friendly Air Filter

The Briiv Air Filter is designed to help filter out – and trap – harmful fine particulates, gasses and allergens. Unlike most air filters, the Briiv is plastic free and will degrade into soil in just a matter of months. It harnesses natural materials like lichen, coconut, carbon and silk to filter the air – but also boasts a range of “smart” features. The device can hook up to smart speakers, charges via USB cable, and has multiple “speed modes” you can choose from. Ultimately, the Briiv air filter can cycle the air in a 20’ x 20’ room in just one hour. Fans can bring the 1.9 pound device home today for $415.

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