The Exact Gift I’m Buying My Dad Who’s Impossible To Shop For This Father’s Day –

The Exact Gift I’m Buying My Dad Who’s Impossible To Shop For This Father’s Day

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June 8, 2022 — 21:37 PM

As much as I love my dad, I dread finding him a gift every Father’s Day. He insists on practical presents that don’t cost a fortune but also refuses to make a wish list. Even with my intel into the newest product launches and drops, I struggle to find gifts that I think he’ll actually want—but not this year. For the first time ever, I finally have his perfect pick: the . 

While Allbirds is well-known for its celebrity fans, my dad only discovered the sustainable shoe company during a recent visit to New York City. My mom needed new sneakers for walking, so we popped into an Allbirds store. She left with two pairs of lightweight wool kicks, while my dad left with a yearning for the . 

Why he picked the Trail Runners.

My dad decided to try on the —which are the most recent Allbirds footwear release—because he liked the way the shoes looked on display. The all-black design felt trendy but was still accessible for his more reserved style. 

Like any practical person, he also loved the shoe’s multipurpose design. My parents live in Hawaii, so my dad often hikes trails or walks through semi-rugged terrain. The treaded rubber outsole offered grip for off-road treks without making the sneakers too bulky for everyday wear. 

also featured a water-repellent finish to prevent the soggy surprise of an unexpected rainfall. Despite this addition, they were still machine washable for a regular revive after a muddy trek outdoors. Every spec earned another shoutout—but trying the sustainable sneakers on was the real game changer. 

My dad immediately started taking laps around the store after putting them on. His speed-walking showcased the stability and , a result of their EVA midsole and foam insole (derived from sugarcane and castor bean oil respectively). It was love from the first step—yet my father insisted that he didn’t really need the shoes and left empty handed.

Allbirds Trail Runners



Why the Trail Runners make the perfect fit.

I added the to my cart nearly four months ago and have sat on the secret ever since. Beyond my dad’s love of the brand’s sneakers, I love the company’s push for sustainability. Whether it’s by lowering its carbon footprints or relying on renewable materials like wool, trees, and sugar to create products, Allbirds stands out as a company that I’m happy to give my loved ones. 

Plus, it helps that I have my that I love to wear around the neighborhood.

The takeaway.


Say goodbye to bloating, and hello to a lighter you.*

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


If you spend the weeks before Father’s Day tormented over finding a gift, then you can finally relax. The make the perfect pick, as they’re practical, comfortable, supportive, and sustainable. What’s more, they’ll arrive by June 19 as long as you place your order today. Gift-giving has never been simpler.