SABRE Unveils New LED Runner Pepper Gel Designed to Keep Runners and Cyclists Safe Day or Night – PRNewswire

SABRE Unveils New LED Runner Pepper Gel Designed to Keep Runners and Cyclists Safe Day or Night  PRNewswire


Jun 30, 2020, 09:00 ET

CHICAGO, June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SABRE, a family owned and operated leader in personal safety and self-defense products, has introduced the next generation of its best-selling Runner Pepper Gel, designed to keep runners and outdoor enthusiasts safe during workouts at any hour. The all-new Runner Pepper Gel with LED Armband is the latest in the brand’s growing line of products geared at athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Committed to providing peace of mind to those pursuing their passions outdoors, SABRE’s new LED Runner Pepper Gel features a weather-resistant, lightweight design, making it the ideal accessory for nighttime or early morning runners, as well as dogwalkers, cyclists, hikers, and others who enjoy spending their time outdoors. A secure band holds SABRE’s patented pepper gel canister in place, while a powerful LED-lit band will help to ensure you can be seen during low light runs, visible to cars, bikes and other pedestrians up to 1,000 feet away.

“As a fitness professional, I’m always looking for the newest products to improve runs for myself and my athletes,” said Amanda Brooks, certified personal trainer and running coach. “The LED Runner Pepper Gel helps me feel safe and protected as I head out on solo runs and hikes. It’s comfortable, easy-to-use and has quickly become a no-brainer for me to bring along on every trail run.”

When deployed, the LED Runner Pepper Gel dispenses a powerful stream of pepper gel that travels 12-feet in distance. With 35 total bursts, the formula of the LED Runner Pepper Gel virtually eliminates wind blowback, giving users an additional peace of mind and helping to create an even safer distance between the user and any potential threat. 

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