Quiksilver sells iconic beachfront North Shore house after five years on the market and slashing price by $15 million! – BeachGrit

Quiksilver sells iconic beachfront North Shore house after five years on the market and slashing price by $15 million!  BeachGrit

A real smart buy!

It’s hardly scandalous to say that Quiksilver, birthed in 1970  in Torquay, Victoria, and responsible for the evolution of the modern surf industry, ain’t the company it once was.

After going bankrupt in 2015 and being bought by Oaktree Capital, along with Billabong, it now exists as a sort of mainstream heritage label. 

All tip and no iceberg, y’could say. 

Now, after five years on the market, Quiksilver has finally sold its team house at 59-367 Ke Nui Rd, the pretty wooden joint next door to the old Volcom house. 

Quik sold the place for $US4,950,000, a sharpish discount on the twenty mill they were chasing when it was first listed at the end of 2016, although even at five it ain’t a bad capital gain considering they bought it in 2009 for $1.4 mill. 

(Property taxes are twenty-five gees a year, if you’re wondering.)

Over the twelve years they’ve had it, Clay Marzo, Reynolds, Jez Flores, probs Craig Anderson if he ever went to Hawaii, not sure if he has, all stayed there. 

Kelly Slater, likely, visited once or twice.

This is the real estate spin. 

Only a handful of surf spots in the world share the same reverence that Banzai Pipeline has.  And when it comes to Pipe, there are even fewer properties that can claim they truly front this iconic surf break. For that reason, we’re proud to present 59-367 Ke Nui Road…otherwise known to locals and surfers as the Quiksilver House.  A property steeped in North Shore lore and witness to the world’s greatest surfing events.  Perched roughly 15’ above Sunset’s sand, this property includes 6,740 sqft of land that sits in the premium position on Sunset Beach. Bring your architect to design a one of kind property worthy of this prime position or simply refresh the quintessential North Shore beach cottage.  Either way, you’ll own a piece of Surfing history and be a part of Banzai Pipeline for generations to come.

Five mill seems real cheap, at least to me. Where I live that only buys you a two-bed semi-detached joint four hundred metres from the beach and devoid of sunlight until around three in the afternoon when a little yellow beam creeps in from the north-west.