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Pick Up The Just Launched Trail Runners SWT From Allbirds Today  msnNOW

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Do you like getting out of the house and away from your hometown to get some exercise in? Running on the trails in the woods or any setting that isn’t pavement based. You’re going to need some proper footwear to keep your feet safe during those excursions. And that’s where the Trail Runners SWT comes in.

The Trail Runners SWT is the newest line of shoes from Allbirds. Allbirds being one of our favorite brands out there as it is a brand that always makes shoes we love to wear that is also sustainably made. And these new bad boys are made with the intended purpose of being used on harsher terrain.

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For one, the Trail Runners SWT are incredibly comfortable to wear as soon as you put them on. But you really get a sense of their power when you go running thanks to how they fit. Not too loose but not too tight. Because that comfort never falters. All thanks to the materials used to make the soles on these a home run.

When you go for a run on the rough terrain out there, these soles are going to hold up and keep you running as long as possible. The soles grip incredibly well so there’s no worry about slipping. You also get a ton of stability and you’ll have the shock support you need to make sure that rough terrain doesn’t hurt your feet.

Having the kind of tough and durable fabric that these Trail Runners SWT are made with keeps them lasting long in your life as well as giving them a great-looking pair of shoes. So if you want to improve your running routine, these new shoes from Allbirds are for you.

Get It: Pick up the Trail Runners SWT ($138) at Allbirds


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