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Local Runners Participate In Virtual Manitoba Marathon And “Perogy Mile”  SteinbachOnline.com

A group of runners from southeastern Manitoba took part in the virtual Manitoba Marathon on Sunday.

Local runner Greg Penner says normally the Manitoba Marathon takes place in Winnipeg with the finish line located at IG Field, however, this year runners could participate anywhere and send in their times.

“When the race cancelled we had many from our run group or friends or family that had been training for it, so we decided to put on our own private event and we did that in Steinbach on Sunday morning which was the day that the marathon was, of course, to be held. We had about 35 runners all told.”

In an effort to make sure they were following all provincial regulations, Penner says they had staggered starts to keep people somewhat separate. In addition, he notes they had a 4.5 kilometre course winding around Abe’s Hill and through the Bushfarm Park area so there was lots of room for spectators to spread out.

Penner says it was great to see all of the people that had trained hard for the race get to complete the event among friends and family. He notes the intimate setting made for a very special race.

“The Manitoba Marathon had sent us supplies, our finishing medals so we got everyone’s family or a friend, whoever they wanted to give them their medal at the end. They were there at the finish line. There were a lot of exhausted but exhilarated faces as their kids handed them their medals. Some people, we actually had their kids run the last kilometre with them so that is really neat and makes it really personal.”

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Following the race, Organizer Brent Manke says some runners also took part in the inaugural “Perogy Mile.”

“It was a really bad idea from the start but we had to do it. It was like a dare. What it entails is running up and around Abe’s Hill four times and on each lap, you eat one or two perogies, there were two menu items. You eat your perogy, swallow it without choking, then run up the hill, down the hill and eat another perogy and then return on the last lap to your empty plate.”

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Manke says eating on the go is actually a skill long-distance runners need to learn, however, this was more of a ridiculous way for them to celebrate Thanksgiving than it was an actual exercise.

“When we first got going, I grabbed two perogies cause I wanted to try to hit eight, and I could hardly choke them down. I had also finished the previous running event. I was choking on them and then I had to run and my stomach was just yelling at me. I made it around the next lap and then after that I took one each and it got better as I went along.”

Manke says they had been hoping to hold this wild event last year, but the snow made them hold off. He adds approximately 15 people took part in the Perogy Mile and most of them were youth.