How to stay fit in middle age — the running coach’s guide – The Times

How to stay fit in middle age — the running coach’s guide  The Times


Weights or Pilates? Running or yoga? What does it take to keep your body in top condition? Fitness expert Peta Bee (in her fifties) knows how

Peta Bee, 52


Peta Bee

The Times

In the two decades and more that I have been writing about fitness (and before that doing a degree in sports science) I’ve been lucky enough to interview many of the world’s top trainers, exercise physiologists and sports psychologists about what it really takes for women to maintain, or even improve, fitness past their forties. So what wisdom have I gleaned from them?

Despite endless claims to the contrary there is no single type of exercise that addresses everything and there is no magic workout that cannot be complemented by another activity. In fitness everything overlaps and once you have a solid foundation of doing something that you enjoy regularly you can add jigsaw pieces to fill in the gaps. Running is excellent for improving