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How To Run Your Own Marathon Race Safely  RunSociety

If you do sign up to any race events, you might be disappointed because all of the race events are cancelled due to COVID-19. At the same time, you might think that all of your hard work will go to waste as well.

But not just yet, we got you covered. You can make your hard work worth it by joining World Cities Online Challenge: Road To Marathon 2020 as you can run a marathon in an alternative way, which is more sensible during this period of time.

Here are the few tips on how to cover your online marathon distance sensibly:

Avoid Running at the Actual Route

It is bIt is best to avoid routes that are usually packed with lots of people for your own safety. So, this is your time to explore and learn more new routes to boost up your running training for future race events.

Record Marathon Timing

Can’t record your marathon timing? No worries, you can use your digital running watch with GPS to jot down your marathon timing, making it feel more official for your achievement.

Create or Plot Your Lapped Route

Before your race, you can plot your route by topping up with water and energy drink. These will give you an easier lapped route by leaving your bottles or sports drink at the start of each lap.


Go to large parks, trails and quiet roads. Do limit road crossings so that you don’t have to stop and start and avoid busy pavements for your own safety during this Coronavirus season. Also, do not run at night alone and pick a runner-friendly route that is safer, more considerate, quicker and, ultimately, more enjoyable.

Keep it in a Small Circle

One of the reasons that some of the big races have been cancelled is because of the fear of increasing the spread of Coronavirus. So, if you run a marathon on your own, do not invite big groups of people and keep it a small circle instead.

World Cities Online Challenge: Road To Marathon 2020

With these tips, runners are able to join the World Cities Online Challenge: Road To Marathon 2020 to achieve their marathon goals. Runners can plan to run a road to marathon on their own terms and their own pace as well.

Not just that, runners can choose one of their cities to run or run all 12 of them! After runners complete their race, runners can show off the entitlement they collect.

So let’s explore which cities you want to run to.

Marathon 1: Run to Bangkok

Never been to Bangkok, Thailand? Do you know Bangkok, Thailand is the most visited city in the world in 2018 with 21.98 million international visitors!

World Cities Online Challenge: Run To Bangkok 2020

Marathon 2: Run to Berlin

Imagine yourself exploring a road to marathon by sprinting beneath the Brandenburg Gate, the iconic 18th Century neoclassical monument commissioned by Prussian King Frederick William II.

World Cities Online Challenge: Run To Berlin 2020

Marathon 3: Run to Boston

Fulfil your American Dream by running in an important event leading to U.S. Independence happened there.

World Cities Online Challenge: Run To Boston 2020

Marathon 4: Run to Chicago

Do you want to get a taste of Halal Guys in Chicago? You can reward yourself after you complete your marathon race.

World Cities Online Challenge: Run To Chicago 2020

Marathon 5: Run to Gold Coast

Always wanted a trip to Australia? This is the perfect marathon for you to fill your head with thoughts of Queensland’s sandy beaches as you log your distances.

World Cities Online Challenge: Run To Gold Coast 2020

Marathon 6: Run to Istanbul

Do you smell the coffee aroma? You can start your run in Istanbul and at the same time, you can reward yourself with a Turkish coffee every time you add to your run total.

World Cities Online Challenge: Run To Istanbul 2020

Marathon 7: Run to London

You can pay a visit to Buckingham Palace and greet the Queen and run to conquer your road to marathon success.

World Cities Online Challenge: Run To London 2020

Marathon 8: Run to New York

Let’s visit the most popular spot, Times Square and explore your run at the most busiest street in the city.

World Cities Online Challenge: Run To New York 2020

Marathon 9: Run to Paris

Need to add a few chic clothes in your wardrobe? This is your chance to add the 2020 World Cities Online Challenge Paris-edition finisher T-shirt to your wardrobe.

World Cities Online Challenge: Run To Paris 2020

Marathon 10: Run to Rome

Smelling the pastry in Rome? You could pick up some of them as a rewarding treat on the way.

World Cities Online Challenge: Run To Rome 2020

Marathon 11: Run to Seoul

Are you a kimchi fan? Imagine you can eat delicious kimchi with your meal once you complete your marathon run in Seoul.

World Cities Online Challenge: Run To Seoul 2020

Marathon 12: Run to Tokyo

Is visiting Tokyo your number one list? If you’re a sushi lover, you will definitely indulge in the local eatery at every stop of your race as a treat.

World Cities Online Challenge: Run To Tokyo 2020

If you do run virtually to one of the cities, make sure to run safely and enjoy your journey.

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