How to be a better runner — act like an Ethiopian – The Times

How to be a better runner — act like an Ethiopian  The Times


Michael Crawley: “I went from being one of the best runners in Scotland to probably the worst in all of Ethiopia”


Michael Odell

The Times

Michael Crawley enjoys going for a run and usually that would take him around a local golf course or on the cycle paths near his home in Durham. He wears a pair of the controversial Nike Vaporfly shoes (their carbon-fibre construction enhances performance to such an extent that they have triggered heated ethical debate), monitors progress on a Garmin activity-tracking watch and sometimes shares with other runners his performance data on the app Strava.

Yet if you watched closely, you might spot unusual traits. For example, Crawley’s sudden darting, zigzagging runs around trees, sometimes at night wearing a headlamp. And when he gets home he swigs a drink made of barley and honey that tastes like sweetened flour. Finally, you might notice that he likes