ENGO 2 heads-up display cycling sunglasses weigh almost nothing – BikeRumor.com

ENGO 2 heads-up display cycling sunglasses weigh almost nothing  BikeRumor.com

The new ENGO 2 cycling sunglasses get a fully functional heads-up display built in, but weigh as little as 36g…about the same as larger “shield” style shades we’re already riding.

The ActiveLook HUD unit itself adds just 13g, and the sunglasses come in two sizes, Small (36g) and Large (41g). Just as impressive as the weight is that they look like normal performance riding glasses, with your choice of white or black frames.

The lenses are photochromic, so they’ll work from dawn to dusk in various light conditions. And the 12-hour battery life keep the display running all day long, too. A full recharge takes just a few hours.

The display puts your choice of metrics directly in your field of vision, so you won’t have to glance down at your cycling computer…and so you can keep your eyes on the road (or your competition). Choose from all the usual data points – power, cadence, HR, speed, distance, etc. For runners, it can show your pace, too.

Their companion app lets you customize the screens, and yes, that’s SCREENS, plural. Set up multiple screens, then just wave your hand in front of the glasses to “swipe” through them.

The ENGO 2 sunglasses pair via Bluetooth to their app (available for iOS and Android), and Garmin and Suunto cycling computers and watches. Available for pre-order now for $329, they should start shipping in late summer.