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Cardarine para que serve Sarms | Cardarine comprar | Cardarine o …  Deccan Herald

Cardarine (Cardarine Gw-501516) is one of the chemicals that is known by its name as”the “metabolic modulator” which means it alters the way that the body processes (i.e. uses) fat. However there is a ban by there is a World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) bans the use of Cardarine GW-501516 (like other SARMs).

However, the remarkable outcomes offered by Cardarine GW-501516 with regards to weight loss, enhancement of athletic performance, and enhancement of muscle growth could be a reason to leave the sporting field unattended.

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A lot of people continue to utilize the Cardarine GW-501516 in a way that is illegal to enjoy these benefits, despite the dangers to health.


Cardarine GW-501516 – What is does it mean?

Cardarine GW-501516 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (i.e. an SARM) which acts as an AR combatant, a potent chemical initially developed to treat the muscular mass loss caused by serious illnesses (such as cancer, atrophy of the muscles or HIV/AIDS or aging).

It is precisely this characteristic of Cardarine which made it popular in the world of sports.

Its ability to aid in building lean muscles (even when people aren’t engaged in vigorous physical activity) is what makes it a popular choice among bodybuilders, weightlifters and powerlifters and all athletes who are looking to build muscle and physical strength.

This chemical compound (initially being used for therapeutic purposes only) was known as Endurobol.

The name of the sport reveals the increased endurance and physical strength it provides.

Athletes who are currently using Cardarine during their training [certainly illegally] experience significant improvements in performance over longer time periods.

It is also demonstrated in the lab that the chemical compound cardarine enhances mitochondrial biogenesis in muscles of the skeletal region, allowing cells to produce more mitochondria, which can produce useful energy.

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This results in a higher metabolism of fats , and quicker removal of fat mass in the body.

It could be described as the “gym inside the form of a pill”.

The GW-501516 synthetic drug was designed to function as an SARM. (SARM).

SARMs are a new category of drugs that mimic those effects that testosterone in the body, almost exactly the same way but without negative side effects because SARMs include, among them are, of course Cardarine perform in an more “selective” method of action.

Testosterone , an androgenic hormone which – as well as other factors is a major factor in athletic performance and the development of an athletic body that is strong that can boost fat burning as well as helping to rebuild a solid hard mass.

Cardarine as a testosterone imitation, has precisely the same benefits but with considerably fewer adverse negative effects than synthesized testosterone hormone (i.e. making use of steroids).

Cardarine GW-501516 – Historical data

Cardarine as we have already discussed was first developed to aid in the treatment of ailments.

The sport’s birth around the time of the early 1990s however, proved to be an important moment for the evolution of sport.

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The chemical Cardarine was initially discovered in a collaboration between two prominent pharmaceutical companies. It took several years and even early 2000s to determine some of the effects of the compound to be analyzed.

The chemical compound Cardarine remains under microscope and there is no permission for its use in free usage has been given yet.

The initial purpose for which Cardarine was proposed to Cardarine as a treatment for hyperlipidemia (a condition in which a person is prone to high levels of fats in the blood).

In the meantime, studies have looked into the efficacy and effectiveness of Cardarine in various ways of treating diseases including diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disorders.

While Cardarine was an interesting chemical with numerous advantages for the body but research was halted and the chemical was incorporated into the prohibited and extremely dangerous chemical category after studies done on animals found that the drug caused rapid-growing cancer, which spread rapidly to other organs.

Today , on the market there are legal and safe alternative to the SARM Cardarine.

Our suggestion is a natural nutritional supplement, which will give you precisely the strengthening effects of Endurobol (Cardarine the GW-501516) without any risk and negative side effects for your body.

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Cardarine GW-501516 How it does its work

It is a SARM that shares many of its effects with anabolic steroids, however there are there are also some distinct distinctions.

What we need to know about the actions of the SARM Cardarine is the way it binds to androgen receptor (AR) and, in turn, activates it, causing the redistribution of genes that are involved in the production of energy.

For the body, this is a sign of increased mitochondrial biogenesis as well as increased energy production in cells. A higher number of mitochondria equals increased energy, and less body fat.

Do you know of any advantages from making use of the SARM Cardarine?

It is evident that there are many positive aspects of the use of this specific chemical.

The fact that its usage is deemed to be indecent and potentially dangerous and the fact that its sports administration has not been deemed safe because of its numerous negative effects on the body however, doesn’t negate the numerous benefits it offers.

The most significant among these (the ones that many athletes still utilize Cardarine in a way that is not legal) are as follows:

Enhanced Endurance

One of the major advantages of using this SARM Cardarine – and perhaps the most significant of reasons why athletes use it is the fact that it greatly improves the endurance of the user and, specifically for endurance athletes, an improved performance.

In any event the athletes equipped with Cardarine GW-501516 are able to train more and for longer durations, during aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

Enhances fat burning

As we mentioned, there is another crucial element of Cardarine’s way of action. It is, the expansion of mitochondria as well as the strengthening of the body’s metabolic function, which means a rapid burning of body fat as well as encouraging the growth of a muscle mass that is lean.

Cardarine is also scientifically proven to aid in burning fat and reduce the weight of your body.

Limiting Inflammation

Cardarine is also known to be able to – as demonstrated in pertinent research studies – to reduce inflammations that occur within the body.

This can be very beneficial for athletes, as well as people with serious health issues (such asthma or arthritis).

Improves Cardiovascular Health

In contrast to anabolic steroids which can inhibit cardiovascular system and leading to heart problems of a serious nature, Cardarine has been shown to enhance the functioning of the heart through reducing bad cholesterol levels and raising good cholesterol.

Physical condition stimulation

Another benefit that has been scientifically confirmed of SARM Cardarine Cardarine GW-501516 the enhancement offered with regard to physical performance (especially when it comes to older or sick individuals).

It is certainly beneficial to athletes who expose their bodies to intense and exhausting workouts.

Improved Athletic Performance

Perhaps one of the most popular applications for Cardarine is the improvement the athletic efficiency.

In the end, its most frequently used use is observed in sports areas and in some cases, even illegally.

However, the benefits of Cardarine for athletes do not stop at the increased burning of fat and improved endurance.

Numerous sportsmen (professional and amateurs) make use of it to increase their endurance and cardio performance during their training.

Many even mention the increased physical strength that is observed through using this particular SARM.

Cardarine as compared with different stamina boosters

Cardarine GW-501516 is a highly effective stamina booster and is a great way to improve an individual’s physical health (regardless of how often they train).

According to research studies, it has been shown to be more efficient (specifically for enhancing endurance) than other well-known substances like ephedrine and clenbuterol.

Clenbuterol is a medication that causes the muscles surrounding those airways relax. making it easier for air to flow freely into as well out from the lung, enhancing the respiratory system and aiding in training.

However, it isn’t the only benefit of it. It also acts as a highly effective fat burning agent.

In the end, clenbuterol can be thought of as to be a “cousin” of the drug ephedrine because of its similar actions.

Ephedrine is, on contrary is also a medicine for fighting nasal congestion , by creating blood vessels within these nasal passages contract.

Ephedrine is an adrenergic agonist that stimulates the sympathetic nerve system, increasing the heart rate and blood pressure, as well as vasoconstriction, and bronchodilation.

It is extensively used in weight loss due to the stimulant of metabolism.

Cardarine Dosage as well as stacks

It is not possible to provide exact details given regarding the dose of SARM Cardarine.

It is a unproved drug, which is illegal, and the use of which is deemed highly risky.

There aren’t any clear guidelines regarding its use (since scientists themselves are unable to guarantee whether and in what degree it is completely safe) and any guidelines that circulate online are based on the experience of various users.

In all cases the optimal (and simultaneously secure) dosage for each individual and even between organisms.

So, extreme care is recommended when dealing with these banned substances.

For beginners, especially, need to start off with low dosages and gradually increase as time passes.

The beneficial benefits of Cardarine begin to manifest from 5 mg, which is a great dosage for someone who is just beginning to get started.

A good dosage is about 10 mg. However, most knowledgeable Cardarine users prefer 20 mg per day to get more dramatic results.

How do I find the best method of using cardarine (cycle)?

As we have already stated (and we’ll repeat it several times) Cardarine GW-501516, a powerful chemical, is a strong chemical whose use is banned. It is one of the most hazardous chemical substances as per WADA.

It is therefore at a minimum naive to speak about “ideal ways of using” as well as “safe doses” for a substance that is recognized as hazardous and illegal.

It’s best to talk about what athletes use Cardarine GW-501516 to reap the most advantages.

In general, athletes pick the dose of between 10 to 20 mg of SARM Cardarine every day, for a total that lasts between 8 and 12 weeks.

The most experienced users of Cardarine GW-501516 typically use a dosage of 20 mg per day.

In this instance the most effective method to take it is to take two Doses of 10 mg taken at different times throughout the day.

This way it maintains the anabolic effects of the product for the entire 24-hour period.

To get the best performance, it is suggested that the administration times be the same each day.

Does it come with FDA Approval from FDA?

Cardarine is one of the SARMs that aims to burn body fat and increasing the gains of muscle.

Certain experts have referred to this SARM as an PPAR Delta receptor agonist.

It is an PPAR receptor agonist as well as a fat burning agent, Cardarine was originally developed for patients with cardiovascular and metabolic disorders.

However, as of now the product hasn’t yet been granted FDA approval.

In the bodybuilding world, Cardarine GW 501516 is predominantly used for fat loss, quickly and efficientlyas well as for the rebuilding of muscles (without being the most appropriate product to do this).

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Cardarine GW-501516 – Action mechanism


A lot of people refer to SARMs as a “safe” alternatives to steroids for anabolism However, this is far from the truth, or at least, not in the same way.

In fact, SARMs are a much more secure option for the athletic improvement, body fat reduction and the rebuilding of lean muscle mass in comparison to the known anabolic steroids.

Nevertheless, SARMs are also anabolic products – also very dangerous – meaning they too aim to create a testosterone-enhanced environment in the body that will enhance ultimate training gains.

As we have mentioned, Cardarine GW-501516 is a PPAR delta receptor antagonist that regulates the release of proteins to provide efficient energy.

Clinical trials that were conducted in conjunction with it showed that GW-501516 dramatically improved the metabolism of fatty acids within muscles, which in turn promotes weight loss due to only fat (without the loss of muscle) and significantly reducing amounts of fats including LDL-cholesterol.

Physical performance is improved noticeably and recovery time decreases after exercise.

It was this form of Cardarine that spread through newspapers like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times throughout the world , and took over the lives for bodybuilders as well as athletes (though not legally).

What do clinical studies so far show in favor of Cardarine’s Cardarine-GW-501516?

Evidence from the scientific community to date indicates how the usage of the GW-501516 (a selective PPAR-d antagonist) will significantly reduce the amount of lipids, while also increasing the rate of oxidation of fatty acids.

Caucasian men between the ages of 18 and 50 taking part in an experiment using GW-501516 and placebo for two weeks, showed amazing results.

It is worth noting that participants in the study were subjected to an assessment of their tolerance to food as well as a skeletal muscle biopsy, and breath and blood sampling.

At the end of two weeks of study, the findings were as the following:

Subjects who received the GW-501516 (as as opposed to those that received placebo) increased the number of metabolic disorders that are associated with metabolic syndrome, including diseases like obesity, oxidative stress insulin resistance and dyslipidemia.

Cardarine Gw-501516 – Does this have any adverse negative effects?

To so far has not revealed any negative side effects (especially because GW-501516 is taken in low doses and is safe.

However, the adverse consequences of a chemical such as Cardarine GW-501516 should not be overlooked.

They might be quite light (compared against other anabolic steroids) however, Cardarine remains an illegal substance, with its long-term and short-term effects the organism that are not determined.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that the drug is safe and is well-tolerated when used in small dosages.

But there are some likely side effects with the use of SARM Cardarine, include the following:


It is the most commonly reported side effect of Cardarine administration.

But, the data to date suggest that this specific side effect is mostly due to an misuse and overdose of the substance or the person’s sensitivities to the chemical.

It could also be caused by the concurrent usage of other medications or substances that can cause headaches (such as caffeine).

Cramps in the muscles

Muscle cramps can also be a frequent side effect experienced by many Cardarine patients.


Another very common side effect is diarrhea is usually experienced in large doses of Cardarine, or when taking other drugs that can cause the condition (such like ibuprofen or specific antibiotics) in conjunction.

Joint pain

There have been instances where certain Cardarine users suffer from joint pain. This generally disappears within a few weeks after starting treatment.

Heart rate increases

Another issue that has been reported in the use of Cardarine is an increase in heart rate.

Although not dangerous, it is quite annoying/stressful/and uncomfortable.


There is evidence that suggests that the use of SARM Cardarine GW-501516 can result in a dramatic increase in blood pressure certain individuals.

This is extremely serious since it increases the pressure on the heart. This when coupled with an “heavy” exercise routine can cause serious heart problems.

If someone is suffering from cardiovascular issues that are pre-existing It is crucial to talk to a physician before making use of Cardarine.

Options to use in an array of options Cardarine GW-501516

Cardarine is a very multi-faceted drug, and is among the “safest” in so to speak, as training boosters that are found in anabolic steroids.

It is a simple matter to use in a combination with other compounds and offer various benefits every time.

Some of the most well-known ways to stack Cardarine together with other chemicals include:


Testosterone in combination with Cardarine GW-501516 can be a combination which can provide massive muscle growth physical strength and endurance.

It is especially popular with bodybuilders because it helps promote intense fat burning and increases the volume of muscle since it has the capability of activating androgen receptors.

It then binds with specific PPAR co-factors which interact with DNA in cells to create new proteins.

These proteins enhance the oxidation process of fat acid (fat burning)) in the skeletal muscle tissue.

According to research, when taking Cardarine GW-501516 users notice significant weight loss when compared to a standard diet.

Cardarine Gw-501516 (GW-501516) and testosterone connect very strongly to the androgen receptor.

It’s highly likely that this will cause an increase in adverse effects, and therefore more precautions are required when using this combination.


Clenbuterol in combination with Cardarine The GW-501516 stack is another well-liked stack with bodybuilders. However it is not used to bulk, but to aid in cutting that means increased fat burning as well as total physique “drying”.

On its own, Clenbuterol is an anabolic drug that results in incredible fat loss and stunning outcomes.

This combination of two drugs is essentially an “nuclear bomb” to reduce body fat.

Ace inhibitors

If you choose to switch to a stack of drugs like Cardarine GW-501516 that contains ACE inhibitors (like enalapril or Lisinopril) the reason is to control blood pressure.

They work by blocking its effects on the hormone called angiotensin II, which may cause blood vessels to shrink and increase blood pressure.


Niacin along with Cardarine GW-501516 may aid in reducing high levels of bad cholesterol.

Niacin is an extremely important vitamin that assists in removing bad cholesterol from blood.

In addition it increases the amount of good cholesterol and promotes the smooth functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Niacin can also lower the heart rate Cardarine use can trigger in certain people.

Cardarine – Safe alternative

The most innovative choices of legal and secure dietary supplements for building muscle is offered by the top company CrazyBulk.

Particularly, in lieu of the dreadful and highly prohibited SARM Cardarine GW-501516 is a completely natural product that provides the exact outcomes, but without any adverse consequences.

CrazyBulk’s C-dine 501516 is one of the most popular selections of bodybuilders who want to cut.

Top benefits of using C-dine 501516

  • Extreme fat loss
  • The stimulation of metabolic function
  • Enhanced endurance
  • Rapid recovery
  • Development of lean muscle mass

The Recommended Daily Dose of C-dine 501516 by CrazyBulk

4 capsules per day (all in one dose)

Cost of C-dine in 501516 CrazyBul

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Cardarine GW-501516 – Conclusion

Cardarine purchase and usage is currently legal within the United States ONLY.

However the use of this product is not considered to be safe under any circumstance.

Many believe that the selective nature of it ensures it is safe for the body.

This is not true.

Cardarine is also an artificial hormone (just as testosterone and can lead to serious issues for users (especially in the case of any underlying illnesses).

If you’re looking to experience the most effective and efficient fat loss , but not put their health in danger There is a solution of the legally legal and 100 100% safe version of Cardarine. CrazyBulk’s Cdine 501516.

Cardarine GW-501516 SARMs

What exactly is the GW-501516? Does it cause any side consequences? What kind of effects can you anticipate from this product? What do you need to know prior to purchasing it? The solutions to these and more questions in the following article. Visit this link to Purchase Cardarine

What exactly is Cardarine?

Cardarine commonly referred to by the name GW-501516, or Endurobol is a compound developed in the late 1990s through two major pharmaceutical firms: GlaxoSmithKline and Ligand Pharmaceuticals. Its primary objective is to combat diseases related to metabolic syndrome and heart disease. Due to its capacity to boost metabolism and reduce fat It quickly gained acclaim in the world of sports.

Due to its selective effect it is often identified by the term SARM (Selective androgen receptor modulators). It is actually an agonist of the PPARd receptor.

The activation of the PPAR-delta pathways triggers a sudden rise in metabolism and endurance while lowering blood cholesterol levels.

Cardarine Advantages

Although GW-501516 is mostly used by athletes for its excellent reducer, it comes with a host of additional benefits:

Increases fat-burning

For many , this is the primary quality is Cardarine. But, the effect of GW-501516 is different from the typical cutting supplement, which typically has only thermogenic ingredients. Because it acts on the PPAR delta pathway, it stimulates numerous genes involved in fat-burning. It also alters the way your body reacts to meals that have a high glycemic Index.

Enhances strength

The increase in strength is due to the an activation in the PPARd pathway. It alters how our body is metabolized by glucose and fat which results in greater endurance. This is confirmed by user reviews of GW-501516 and clinical studies. In one of these studies mice were exposed to intense endurance training. After taking cardarine, they were able to walk more distance than the control group and demonstrated an increased tolerance to exercise.

In a different study, this time involving humans, participants noticed an increase in their strength. At this point we are unable to determine if the reason is anabolic effects of the substance or it is due to the more efficient managing of energy within the body. The fact that GW-501516 is listed on the WADA list (meaning professional athletes aren’t allowed to take it) provides a clue as to the strength of this substance. is.

Guards the brain

A study on animals suggests that GW-501516 could safeguard the brain against hypoxia. Furthermore, compounds which affect PPAR are well-known for their capacity to boost the development of nerve cells. This suggests that the cardarine hormone, as a subset of the PPAR (PPAR-delta) might be able to have the same influence.

In addition, in a study of brain cells in a rat in which cardarine was found to reduce inflammation of TNF alpha cells.

Guards the circulatory system and heart

Endurobol could positively impact the function that the circulation system. Studies in mice show that even low doses of GW1516 can prevent damage to the arterial system. However that increasing the dose didn’t alter the extent of the protection effect. In addition none of the human studies have been conducted to test this capability.

However, this isn’t the only health-promoting factor. Research suggests that Cardarine could alter the working of the circulatory system in general. It minimizes the harm caused by oxidation, and also increases the quantity of nitric oxide in the blood. This assists in relaxing the blood vessels and prevents atherosclerosis.

We also are aware that it accelerates the development of new blood vessels within the heart. This is a great benefit for patients suffering from heart disease.

Helps fight obesity

In a different study we discovered the use of cardarine, it was administered to six obese individuals in a double-blind, random controlled study. It relieved effects of the metabolic syndrome on all patients without causing adverse side negative effects.

The participants took up to 10 mg daily for only two weeks. After this short period positive changes in the fatty liver disease, the sensitivity to insulin and lipid levels were evident. It is therefore possible to conclusively say that GW-501516 can be a great supplement for fighting the effects of obesity on insulin resistance as well as chronic inflammation.

In a different study, this time with obese mice, cardarine decreased the risk of developing heart disease by reducing LDL cholesterol levels, as well as triglycerides and levels of insulin. Additionally, it reduced the production of glucose in the liver. This implies that Endurobol is a suitable supplement for people suffering from the type 2 form of diabetes (if it exhibits similar effects in humans).

Lowers the risk of inflammation

Through activating the PPAR delta pathway it reduced inflammation of the liver in animal research. It was also able to stop the progression from DNA inflammation!

Applying the cream topically on the face, it decreased inflammation in mice and increased the healing process of wounds. Researchers have confirmed that it inhibits the production of proinflammatory molecules like NFkB TNF-alpha, IL-6 and MCP-1.

Lowers the risk of developing kidney disease

In the research mentioned above in which cardarine was shown to reduce the growth of kidney-related genes. disease, which reduced the possibility of their occurrence.

Guards the liver

This is the most important of the benefits we have heard about. It is easy to guess that GW-501516 can also impact liver function , as it’s the organ that is that regulates fat metabolism. Endurobol reduces the blood sugar level, leading the liver to obtain energy from fat rather than glucose. It also provides an anti-inflammatory effect to counteract the negative effects of an diet which is high in fructose (avoid the fatty liver if you consume more than 50 grams of fructose each day). In a mouse study endurobol reduced the risk of damage to the liver by killing degenerated liver cells.

Cardarine Side effects

There aren’t a lot of studies on the adverse effects of cardarine particularly for humans. The users are also not very likely to complain about adverse consequences. However, we have discovered studies that suggest that this substance could cause side effects.

As stated earlier, GW-501516 is the capability of destroying liver cells that are degenerated. Although this is generally considered to be a positive aspect, it can be certain to be harmful to people suffering from liver diseases. In those with liver disease, the liver can’t function in a normal way without other means, Endurobol, by destroying certain types of cells, causes issues. This is the reason GSK has stopped promoting this medication.

Another possible adverse effect may be related to the above mentioned benefit. As a result of the increased speed of the growth of certain cells, the chance of their mutation increases and increases the risk of developing cancer.

It is important to note that the above adverse reactions were reported in studies on mice. None of these side effects has been seen during human trials however these studies were far too short for the effects to be seen.

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Cardarine Results

It’s possible to see a dramatic increase in endurance when you do exercise and loss of about 4-5kg of fat within 8 weeks by taking 20 mg daily. The GW-501516 runners improve their times for 5k by an average 45 seconds after only two weeks of using. The results of fat loss typically show up in 3-4 weeks, which is why it is recommended to purchase an amount that lasts at least 10 weeks.

my personal experiences with Cardarine GW-501516

I was only able to utilize cardarine once together with ostarine – and I’ll certainly use it again. I’m only able to speak about this combination in the most eloquent terms. Even though I used each of the substances in high doses for a period of 10 weeks, I didn’t have any adverse consequences. For the duration of the cut, I felt well. The results were also to be very satisfying. Prior to the cycle, my bf rate was about 13%. After 10 weeks, I was at 8 percent.

First thing that I saw during the beginning was an improvement in my endurance during cardio training. This was an extremely pleasant reward for me (yes I realize that for some people this is the primary reason for taking Cardarine) since I typically burn fat with Trenbolone.

Cardarine After and before

Cardarine Dosage

For clinical studies, dosages that range between 2.5 -10 mg daily were administered.

The average athlete takes 10-20mg every day for 6 to 12 weeks. If you decide to take 20 mg you should split it into two parts 10mg in the morning, and 10mg in the evening since the half-life of the GW-501516 drug is approximately 16 hours.

Best Cycles GW-501516

If you’re looking to boost your stamina 20 mg of Cardarine by itself is sufficient. This kind of cycle can also be used for a small reduction. You can lose a few pounds fat within two months without problems.

If you’re looking to shed more weight, I suggest mixing the two with Ostarin. Both substances interact synergistically each other, producing incredible effects.

Where can I purchase Cardarine?

However, because of the pricey nature of SARMs that are sold in wholesale market the majority of sellers are selling low-quality products. The majority of products sold on the market contain less substance than the ones that are advertised. It’s an issue we’re often lucky with… adding oral steroids or prohormones is equally as well-known. That’s why it’s important to ensure that we purchase SARMs from trustworthy suppliers that have a valid certification of analysis issued by an outside laboratory for every batch of the drug.

Let’s look at some FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) concerning Cardarine ( the GW number 50156) and then we’ll be able to answer them.

What is HTML0? How Do Cardarine (GW 50156) How Does It Work?

Cardarine can switch your energy source to glucose instead of fat. This means we’ll lose more fat and have more endurance.

What is the correct Dosage of Cardarine?

The recommended dosage of Cardarine is between 10-25 mg per day. For beginners, start with 10 mg daily.

What are the side effects Cardarine Has?

A study has found that Cardarine may trigger the growth of cancer. Be aware that this study utilized 50 times the dosage recommended for two years.

Is Cardarine Legal?

In 2022, you are able to legally buy and use Cardarine all countries around the world with the exception of Australia. In Australia it’s classified as an Schedule 9 compound by the TGA which means it is illegal, even with a prescription from your doctor.

Does Cardarine Really Does It Work?

It’s true, Cardarine absoluletly works. It’s actually so effective that patients feel it within 20 minutes after taking their first dose.

Is Cardarine safe?

Cardarine causes cancer in rodents and mice. There is a debate over whether this will translate into human. When you decide to take it or not, it is up to you. There have been no confirmed cases of humans suffering from cancer as a result of it.