ASICS Runners Face Cover is a workout face mask so breathable, you can DRINK through it – T3 (US)

ASICS Runners Face Cover is a workout face mask so breathable, you can DRINK through it  T3 (US)

ASICS Runners Face Cover is a workout face mask so breathable, you can DRINK through it | T3

(Image credit: ASICS)

Even the best face masks are not well-suited for performance athletes, hence why many sports manufacturers come out with their own face masks for runners. We saw Under Armour taking their spin on the subject with the UA SPORTSMASK and now ASICS has announced the ASICS Runners Face Cover which, apart from being highly breathable, also enables runners to drink water while running.

• Pre-order the ASICS Runners Face Cover for £35 directly from ASICS, available form mid-September

As the name might suggest, the ASICS Runners Face Cover was designed specifically to cater for the needs of runners “with performance, comfort, and protection at the core of the design.” The mask has been designed in direct response to concerns about how to run safely as lockdown eases, with research by ASICS revealing that 70% of regular exercisers in the UK avoid certain routes or spaces to maintain social distance with others.

This doesn’t mean you can body check other people on the street when you are out on a run wearing the ASICS Runners Face Cover but you can at least make sure you can help stop the spread, without the threat of suffocation. In fact, the ASICS Runners Face Cover not only has “strategically placed” air vents but the material used for is so breathable you can drink water through it. Crazy!

(Image credit: ASICS)

The ASICS Runners Face Cover is said to be different from your run-of-the-mill face mask as it not only focuses breathability of the fabric but also provides space inside the mask so runners can breathe more easily. Other features include:

  • Interior space creates more room inside the mask to allow for easier breathing when running
  • Strategically-placed air vents on the masks increase airflow while preventing the spread of droplets
  • Quick-drying fabric cools the air flowing into the mouth and helps reduce the risk of heat stroke!
  • Comfort fit specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of faces with an adjustable fit
  • Sustainable designed with approximately 31% recycled materials

The ASICS Runners Face Cover’s quick drying material is also antibacterial and it even allows runners to drink water while running. 

(Image credit: ASICS)

The new ASICS Runners Face Cover will be available to runners globally from mid-September at a retail price of £35. Pre-order yours at ASICS.

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